Day 8&9: 30 Days Wild: General Election

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_08

So I had a very long, busy, tiring day slaving away in the elections office yesterday.

I really hope the guy who rang up to say his mobility scooter had broken down on the way to the polling station had made it.

In Mansfield we’ve had a shock result and 94 years of Labour hold has come to an end. Ben Bradley of the Conservative Party has been elected our new MP.

This for me means that our environment, wildlife and district is at a new increased risk. I will be sending a letter which will go a little like this:

To our newly elected Member of Parliament,

There is a threat looming over our district. A threat which must be stopped with immediate effect.

Never before has our cherished wildlife, environment and landscapes been so at stake. In Nottinghamshire we pride ourselves on our vast ancient woodlands and preserving this treasure for generations to come.

I bet you can predict what is coming next, but I urge you not to turn a blind eye.

Without action on climate change five years after this election we could see 200,000 premature deaths linked to air pollution in the UK. A real pressing issue in our area is the reckless building on green spaces. Already nightjar nesting has been put at risk by huge developments in the district and 18,300 hectares more of our precious green space could be lost across the UK. Wildlife habitats are at huge risks. We are the stewards of the earth, the government should not be exempt in this duty.

The most colossal challenge to our district is the shadow cast by fracking giants INEOS. I beg that you consider our environment for the future. Fossil fuels must stay down in the ground and a new focus on renewables is a must.

Do you envisage an area that can’t use its own its own tap water? By drilling into coal beds, immensely dangerous chemicals will contaminate our water supplies. Is this the Mansfield you want? Care for Mansfield and not for the huge cheque.

Mansfield will stand up against fracking and in favour in of preserving our land. We can’t regress and we must progress when it comes to addressing environmental issues. By supporting fracking you will be undermining the commitment to tackling climate change.

If you want to do what’s best for Mansfield, you will oppose fracking, respect the rich history of the area, and preserve our treasured environment for a thriving future.

Mansfield did not vote for our land to be destroyed and our wildlife to be put into danger.






One thought on “Day 8&9: 30 Days Wild: General Election

  1. naomim says:

    This is great, I hope you get a positive response from your new MP. I’ll be drafting a jetted to my MP, who retained his seat, over this weekend. I’m impressed you can write so rationally after such a long day yesterday, I worked the long shift in a polling station and on seeing the exit polls then was glued to the TV until 4am watching the results come in. After a couple of hours sleep and a day at work I am reduced to gibberish!


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