Day 17: 30 Days Wild – The perfect reading spot

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_17

All hail the weather gods for this wonderful sunshine we have been gifted!

It’s such a nice day and I knew if I didn’t get out there I would be just sat inside on my laptop designing stuff. So I decided this afternoon I would go in search of that perfect reading spot.

Off we plodded up to Maun Valley Nature Park yet again. We found a splendid spot under a tree and plonked ourselves down  to get lost in our books.


Sat amongst nature 

I’ve been reading Paris for One by Jo Moyles and Olly was reading some sci-fi rubbish with no women in it even.

Unfortunately I soon realised Olly should have stayed at home. The constant sniffling, sneezing and spluttering as a result of Olly’s hay fever suffering kind of took away the peaceful, scenic atmosphere. Sorry Olly.

If it wasn’t so hot I would have sat by the river banks, but even then I think I would just get distracted by the fish and a possible king fisher sighting.

It was good to have a change of scenery and sit amongst nature while getting taken away to the world within a book. Although I would suggest leaving hay fever suffers at home.

We were also disrupted by a dog of whom then decided to have a little tinkle next to us… Charming.

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