Day 18: 30 Days Wild – Official allotment owner

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_18

Today we officially became allotment owners and I could not be more excited for this new adventure.

We met a nice bloke called Ken from our local allotment trust who showed us the available plots. They all needed a lot of clearing but we chose the one near the chickens.

My garden consultant (mother) has lent me a book on allotments and already we have begun to plan what on earth we can do with this currently over grown piece of land.



I really want to make it as wildlife friendly as possible so we will have a wildflower area, a hedgehog home and a butterfly drinking hole.

Veg wise we’ve decided on potatoes, golden beetroot, raspberries bushes, blueberry bushes, pak choi, garlic (I use it by the bulb), onions and purple sprouting broccoli.

We now need to start gathering some tools and a storage box before we plod back up on Saturday to begin the transformation.

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