Day 20: 30 Days Wild – Random act of Wildness

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_20

I have a slight passion for saving the bees (understatement).

I don’t think we realise just how much we rely on bees! They contribute over £400 million over annum to our economy through pollinating many of our commercial crops.

Bees are at risk to climate change, habitat loss and exposure to harmful pesticides.

Changes in how we farm also means there loads less wild flower fields in our landscapes.

But we can help turn things around. We can save the humble bumble and friends. Together.

I am giving away little packets of wild flower seeds mixed with silver sand (for even spreading). Thought of it all and stamped with a little love.


If you want a packet let me know!

On Saturday with the Friends of Hornby Plantation we are having a save the bees action afternoon, 2pm onwards.

Bee Action Final

If you are in the area please pop by! I’ll also have a few packets with me there.


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