Day 25: 30 Days Wild – Digging for victory

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_25

Day 25 consists of apologising to butterflies and a lot of digging.

We began to clear the allotment today and now I am going to be walking around like Richard III, not to mention my burnt back and shoulders.


As you can see a whole lot of work needs to be done. 

Our allotment is about two tennis courts long and at the moment a home to masses of insects.

We’ve got different butterflies, bees, beetles, grass hopper and lady birds. We also came across a ants nest which made my skin crawl.

We were well stuck in and a guy from another plot came over to introduce himself. He took us over to his allotment to give us some inspiration and hope. Andy also gave us loads of tips for attracting wildlife to the plot for example planting flowers for pollinators, and a pond.

Apparently there are lots of buzzards that circle round, there are foxes that take a stroll in the early morning and a very tame robin that likes to sit on your boot when you’re digging.

Before we set back to work Andy insisted we took some of his potatoes and broad beans! There’s no doubt the community spirit up there is amazing.


I plan to have a wild flower area and have a border of plants that are especially attractive to bees and butterflies.

I’ll also have a hedgehog box by my compost heap and I’d like a little pond within the wild flower area.

I’m pretty chuffed with the progress we’ve made and I’m a little addicted as I’m desperate to get back up there to do more!!


Weekend one progress

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