Day 27: 30 Days Wild – Hornby Wildlife Village

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_27

Today I got THE most exciting email. Back in March I applied for £800 of funding for a project that will get more people involved with the conservation work with the Friends of Hornby Plantation and hopefully as a result will encourage a new generation of Friends.

I applied to the Postcode Local Trust and we have now been successful in both stages of the application meaning our project can get the go ahead!

The project is called the Hornby Wildlife Village which will be situated within the wooded area of the park.

The village will consist of insect homes, habitat hotels, hedgehog boxes, bat boxes, pollinator friendly plants and more.

We will also incorporate an outdoor class room area and an information board that will introduce the residents of the Wildlife village.

The main aim is to get local children from schools and groups to take charge of the area and have the rewarding responsibility of looking after the wildlife village. They will also be involved in the whole construction period and will have their say from beginning to end.

Many of our members are reaching 70 and finding it harder to be involved in the more physical work. By encouraging a new generation we can ensure there will be a future for the Friends of Hornby Plantation and our work can be continued.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page or twitter for updates of events.


One thought on “Day 27: 30 Days Wild – Hornby Wildlife Village

  1. Debbie Smith says:

    Not only will the children be getting a great education from this project but they will have such fun in the process too 🙂


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