Weed woes, seed sowing and potty potatoes

It’s National Allotments Week so it couldn’t be a more appropriate time to share how my allotment journey is growing.

I’m going to be honest. It’s bloody hard work and everyone likes to come over and tell us so.

When we first took it on it was a like a jungle, however I did take great joy frolicking amongst the wildlife.


Once we got stuck in, it didn’t take long to see just how much progress we were making and so far cleared about a quarter.

It’s about two tennis courts long, with plans for a wild area with a pond as well as plenty of vegetable beds and we’ve started to collect a few fruit bushes.

There have been times when the weeds have got to me. The roots go down to the middle of the earth and tend to spring back up in next to no time. You seem to need the flames of hell to see the end of them.


We’ve been proud allotment owners for nearly two months now and we’ve got quite a few bits planted and growing. For complete beginners, I’m chuffed.

Currently we have leeks, kale, brussels, purple sprouting, Charlotte potatoes, Duke of York potatoes, mixed lettuce leaves and Pak choi.

My potatoes which will be ready for Christmas are going mad since we planted them and I do get excited when my veg start doing what they’re supposed to.


Still loads of work to do as well continuous weed conquering.

I’m really looking forward to growing like the veterans.




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