To Whom It May Concern #1

To whom it may concern,


The price of hot drinks in many establishments has reached a ridiculous height. The other morning, while dragging my weary body to work following the work Christmas party the night before (who on earth decided Thursday night was ideal for a party?!), I took the rash decision to pop into a high street coffee chain for a bit of extra caffeine to get me into work.

I am quite tight for money on a wage that just sees me through the month, so I don’t usually hand over hard cash in exchange for a burst of energy.

As a good steward of the earth I do my bit to cut down on plastics and had my own reusable cup to hand.

It seems throw the word Christmas into the mix to add significant value to certain tarted up lattes and hot chocolates, but in my search for a boost to recovery I actually opted for a festive titled slightly sweeter/sickly latte.

It was at this point at the till I expressed a quite rage, which was not at all visible and concealed by my politeness in true British form. Not only did I get a look of disgust for handing over my own cup but did I get a discount for doing my bit for the environment, no.

Surely the fact it was a Christmas themed beverage does not mean it is exempt from a discount for saving plastics? Clearly so. But I did not question this as I was still quite sluggish, so I’ll complain here instead.

Off I plodded with my super calorie filled, teeth rotting, extortionately priced latte and mumbled away at how my efforts to cut down on plastics should be more encouraged by said coffee shop.

Just being picky now but I didn’t think it was very hot either…

The doors parted for my entry to the dark, tired office building, supposed to being brought into the ’21st century’ but needs more than just a few new walls popping in to hide the 70s vibe.

The caffeine kicked in and I worked at usual productivity levels for about an hour before it wore off and I was once again just another Council zombie. Tired officers shuffled the corridors in search of caffeine and hope, I wasn’t far behind by 10am.

I forked out nearly £4 for a drink and not even a drop of alcohol in sight. What did that achieve? Just a few voter registration rejections to kick start the day.

And so I conclude this letter with the following …

In future I’ll not bother thank you and put my £4 towards bread or something.

Yours faithfully,







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